Brief notes about technical immortality
Von Gehr`s proposal, is a visual project that investigates the possibilities of movement of digital and media languages to the interior of the artistic space. These problems fall under aesthetic production trends that challenge the relationship that the subject daily establishes with contemporary technology, assuming – the artist – so a speech that questions the ontological validity of mediated images as constructors of individual and collective reality.
Perhaps the experience of the body was the most affected – temporary and materially – by the inclusion of technology, since precisely the medial implies to some extent its scheduled dissolution. This situation where the image of the body as support of our personal and political identity is disrupted and rebuilt in a fractal set of reflexes (digital images) problematizes the artist from scanned recomposition of a family genealogy, where the father figure appears materialized in a temporary space maze, in which both the past and the present come together in an endless game of joints and dislocations of the dimension opened by the image. Von Gehr with his technical gestures exercises, thematizes in this way, the demands of identity and virtual transcendence that we experience in contact with media technologies: technologies that from being a prophylactic, disaffected paradoxically leads us toward an imaginary crossed by wishes of immortality.
Mauricio Bravo
Visual artist
Re-bio-gehr thus becomes a work proposal on our instincts of life and death.
Re -bio- Gehr changes each time it occurs, where the total image of the picture. (The image of the Father) is always being the image of the moment of the character and always maintaining the child`s intact: Time-life is being recorded at different stages.
Andreas von Gehr