Andreas`s von Gehr «FOR SALE», defends the social commitment according to history requirements, taking advantage of the potential of a committed art to touch the contingent, presenting us with a set of works that uses the immediacy of the photographic capture to insert ourselves in a political present , questioning the ideas of image and power.

FOR SALE, exposes the conflicts of the representation, by means of the intersection of painting, photography and digital media, media displacements that reveals the procedure, the environment and the support as instruments that resonate from its own connotation.  Marking positions from the treatment and manipulation of the image.

Here the generic displacement and cross media is the strategy and fragmentation is the device, running as a political and social allegory, metaphor of citizen`s existance.

In «FOR SALE» the painting represents itself as an energetic form of resistance before the dominion of the photographic image, which transferred to the social field, represents disagreement before the structures of power, critically alluding to the cultural scene and the policies that shape it.

The fragmentation of the image and the fragment as a constructive element acquires special significance within a context of effervescence and social mobilizations, where in this case, more than a complaint is the representation of a landscape.

Juan Cristóbal González

 Visual artist.